On the edge of the moor...

Ceramics inspired by my surroundings on the edge of the moor... 

A 'stone' series - mixed clays evocative of the moorland landscape and terrain. 

A 'mocha diffusion' series - capturing the delicacy and intricacy of local ferns and lichen. 

A 'textured' series - grogged stoneware from a small clay pit in the south-west 

A 'granite' series - granite fragments embedded into the surface of  bespoke vessels in porcelain. 

Please do get in touch if you would like a unique piece made for you. It is a pleasure to discuss making something specially to order.

A Dartmoor Studio

Abigail North

Ceramics - Designer/Maker

In my remote moorland studio, I make wheel thrown and hand decorated ceramics. If you visit my Instagram account, I hope you can see how the Dartmoor terrain and flora influence my work. I feel privileged to live in this beautiful area, and to be able to spend my time making carefully hand crafted ceramics. I have been working for over a decade, and trained formally before undertaking an apprenticeship for a year with a local potter.  I make small batches of ceramics - including tableware - and a smaller number of bespoke pieces. Most of my work is high fired in an electric kiln but on occasion I use the alternative firing techniques of raku and barrel firing to produce vessels, which although fired to lower temperature, are sealed and functional.

A limited range of work is periodically available here online - with shop openings announced on Instagram/Facebook. 

My gallery outlets generally stock a wider range of work. Please contact galleries individually if you are making a special trip.


Artisan, Chagford, Devon - www.leafleather.co.uk

Bils and Rye, York - www.bilsandrye.com

Harbour Gallery and Cafe, Porlock Weir, Somerset - www.harbourgalleryandcafe.co.uk

Hatfield House Gallery, Hertfordshire - www.hatfield-house.co.uk

Limekiln Gallery, Calstock, Cornwall